Thursday, May 29, 2008

Msn error code 80070005 - Service Temporarily Unavailable

If you are using windows vista and having the service temporarily unavailable error code 80070005 when signning in to msn, most probably is cause by the permission problem (bear in mind that for some the error code may be the same, but the cause of the problem could be different.)

Try the following method to solve the problem (for those who set a password on the pc):

1. Close Msn completely (make sure is exit completely)

2. Go to Start --> control panel --> user accounts

3. Remove the password of your account

4. Open Msn and sign in (you should be able to sign in).

5. Go to Start --> control panel --> user accounts and set password again (Don't sign out msn, make sure msn is signed in when you set the password.


Anonymous said...

thanks, the first fix worked like a charm, i haven't tried putting the password back on, but who cares...thanks

Anonymous said...

a simple solution for what was a big problem.The update problem is solved as well.

Anonymous said...

Using Windows XP and this turned out to be the problem as well. Had a password on my account for months now without a problem, then after my last reboot all of a sudden it wouldn't log in. So thanks for the heads-up.

roo said...

this did not work for me

any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

you are a life saver, this worked amazingly after hours of frustration. I use my msn for a lot of im-ing and my friends were like wtf where were u for 2 days. thank you a lot.

doug said...

This was the most frustrating problem ever. And the most ridiculous solution, that shouldn't have anything to do with the problem! But thanks anyway. Stupid Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Its didn't work for me! i did everything, i don't even have a password on my computer so why should i have this problem?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what i tell you, you are so so so great person. Realy you are Redeemer.
thanx a lot my friend.