Thursday, May 29, 2008

Using USB (external device) in Safe mode

Sometimes due to certain windows problem, you can't seem to boot up normally in windows. However, it's possible for you to boot up in safe mode.

The problems is when in safe mode, when you plug in the usb drive/ usb external devices, device manager detect the device but the file system doesn't recognize it (possibly is because there's no drive letter assign to the usb)

To enable usb in safe mode, you just need to assign a drive letter in disk management.

1. Go to start --> control panel

2. Switch to classic view (if you haven't switch to classic view - only for windows xp)

3. Select Administrative Tools

4. Select Computer Management

5. Select Disk Management

6. Assign a drive letter by right click on your device

Lastly, backup all your important data to your usb devices and reinstall windows if needed


Anonymous said...

thanks alot that was a real help i needed to repair a Gina dll off a usb and was wondering why it wouldnt work in safe mode, this article saved me alot of time!

gfujhtyj said...

Thank you for a simple and efficient guide - you saved me a lot of time (and some valuable files too!!). Just a note though: assigning a letter did not help but your method allowed me to mount my USB drive on a new folder.

YOU ROCK! said...

l wouldd have lost everything if it wasn't for you! Thanks man! Your rock!

Anonymous said...

Dear Y:

Thank you very much for your excellent yet simple to follow advice. You're a real lifesaver.

Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

I have a computer thatis blocked by the Windows Authentication software

Ican log in safe mode but cannot see USD drive. I went to Disk manger but the USB drive does not show?
Any hints?

Ahmad said...

Thanks Mate! it worked like a charm!