Friday, May 30, 2008

Use Firefox as default to open email links (Windows XP)

If you likes firefox and you want firefox to open everytime you click on the hyperlinks of your email, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Tools --> Folder options (in my computer or any folder)

2. Click on File Types, highlight URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol and click on Advanced

3. Highlight Open in the Actions and click Edit

4. Untick Use DDE checkbox and click Browse

5. Find the firefox folder (default would be in c:\program files\mozilla firefox)

6. Select the firefox.exe

7. At Application used to perform action, add -url "%1" at the back. After that click OK.

8. Repeat the same steps with URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy


Anonymous said...

Best solution
Worked my XP x64 os alsovencif

todd said...

Nice this worked for me.

Anonymous said...

great solution as always

Anonymous said...

great solution

Anonymous said...

Thank you